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Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

Guest Post: Political Etch-A-Sketch

SCOTUS: Affirmative Action Response

# Entrapment

What Happens When...

Are We Watching The Left Jump The Shark?

Walter E. Williams: 1936-2020

Moral Courage for Christmas...

Dear “On-the-Fence Republicans…”

Lung Cancer or COVID?

RIP Rush Limbaugh 1951 - 2021

Former Pfizer Veep Dr. Michael Yeadon

The Needle and the Damage Done

Updates: Prayers for Damar Hamlin

Dr. Peter McCullough

Remembering D-Day...

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi...

EP Special Guest: Leigh Bortins


What. Fresh. Hell.

CDC: Jab Yields More Heart Inflammation Than Expected

Jon Stewart’s “Revelation…”

And Finally, Life Goes On…

Mark Hamill…Anti-Choice?

Dear "Suburban Moms:" You Creeped Out Yet?

The Entitled Zone

Update: The Defense Rests…

Jim Crow Settles in Canada

Ohio Republicans: Call Your Office


T-Rex Chapman: Intentional Foul

Dr. Richard Fleming


This: Cui Bono?

Dr. Lee Merritt

Ted Nugent: Ultimate Alpha

What the #@$*?

Mexico...More Free Than Texas?

Um, About Those Masks

What #Pushback Looks Like

RIP WB Bronco Blaze Jacobs…

The Church, The Body and COVID, Oh My *Update

Sadly, Still "Normal..."

#RIP Edward Van Halen (1955-2020)

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Dr. McCullough: 85% Could’ve Been Saved…

Brazil: Template For Action?

“Back Door” COVID Jabs…

Doh! That's Gonna Leave a Mark...

Video: The Political Abyss

Yes, They Think You Are THAT Stupid

The NFL’s Confederate Flag…

“I Fought For You…”

Pay Me Now, or Pay Me Later…

Because of the Brave…

Can Federal Courts Intervene in State Elections?

A Word From George Washington...

A New Day of Infamy...

Good Lord, Even Pitbull Gets It...

Updated: Encroachment!

What’s In Your Lecture Hall?

Lucy Van Pelt Was A Republican?

“It’s Just A Clump Of Cells”

Unprecedented RICO Verdict Against Ohio Pols

An American Benghazi Pt.3

An American Benghazi Pt.2

An American Benghazi, Pt. 1

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