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Cut through hoaxes, scams, misinformation, and outright lies

Do these frustrations resonate with you:

  • Disgusted that due process is under attack

  • Aghast at the selective prosecution sweeping the countries

  • Worried about future generations facing a declining standard of living for the first time in modern history

  • Sense that moral values and objective standards for everything (law, promotion, college admission, medicine, etc.) are all falling by the wayside

  • Terrified at the abuse of power on display regularly at the local, state, and federal levels

  • Stranded by so-called “conservatives” who simply seem willing to manage the decline slower

We’re here to tell you…you’re not alone!

Life is busy, and most don’t have the time to stay plugged in to what’s really going on

Not only are we busier than ever, working harder and longer while the Fed inflates the dollar to crush the middle class and destroy your buying power, but it’s even harder to stay informed because…

  • Everyone has an agenda

Who do you trust for truth in a world of modern relativism, where you’re taught that what really matters is your truth. Ironic as it sounds, we now need to search for what one prominent thinker of the 20th century referred to as “True Truth.”

At Everything’s Political, we’re skeptics. And we go down the deepest rabbit holes to follow the incentives. That’s why we were screaming lockdowns were wrong in March of 2020 while everyone, including I’m sure your darling politicians, advocated “15 days to slow the spread.” We did not. It’s why we didn’t trust the talking heads on cable news networks regarding vaccines…why?

70% of the major cable news networks advertisers are Pharmaceutical companies. Let that sink in. Your favorite newscaster doesn’t work for Fox, or MSNBC, or CNN.

They work for Pfizer. Follow the incentives.

At Everything’s Political, our incentive is the truth, and we’re 100% subscriber funded. If we do recommend a service or a product, it’s because we use it and it works for us. Full stop.

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Weekly commentary covering the politics du jour. Meant for rational readers looking to connect dots and think one move ahead. Become as healthy and self-reliant as possible, because no one is coming to save us. We are Equal Opportunity Agitators.


Become as healthy and self-reliant as possible, because no one is coming to save us. Stung by the Uniparty years ago, ergo we remain "Equal Opportunity Agitators."